wholesale PTFE Tube 50mm price

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  • Material:  PTFE
  • Working temperature:-200-260 degree
  • Elongation:≥348%
  • Tensile strength: 18 MPa
  • outside diamter:50mm

PTFE Tube by Extruded, Molded and Filled. Extruded ptfe tubing OD from 1mm to 300mm. Molded ptfe tubing from 30mm to 600mm.Filled ptfe( Filled graphite, Filled Fiber glass, Filled Bronze, Filled Carbon ), Size OD from 30mm to 600mm.

o ptfe tube has many applications throughout industry. The unique properties allow the tubing to solve problems possible with no other material. Compared with similar polymers it normally has the bestprice/performance ratio.

o 1> PTFE Features -(ptfe tube) ptfe tube

o (1) Very high working temperatures.

o (2) Non-stick characteristics.

o (3) Low friction surface

o (4) Very high resistance to chemical and solvents.

o (5) Very high electrical resistance.

o (6) Bio-compatibility

o 2> Close Tolerances -(ptfe tube) ptfetube

o We specialise in making tubing to very close tolerancesfor medical, electronic, and instrument applications.

o 3> Ready Cut -(ptfe tube) ptfe tube

o Tubing can be supplied cut to any length in any quantity,and in particular we can supply cut straight lengths(i.e. no curvature).

o 4> Coloured Tubing -(ptfe tube) ptfetube

o All tubing can be made in fourteen different colours, andalso with coloured stripe.

o 5> Special Sizes -(ptfe tube) ptfe tube

o Virtually any size of tubing can be extruded from 0.1 mm dia meter to 150 mm dia meter.Sizes larger than this can also be made.

o 6> Microbore Tubing -(ptfe tube) polymer tube

o 0 mm with a very thin wall of 0.1mm, Standard Stocked item.

o 7> Profiles -(ptfe tube) ptfe tube

o We welcome enquires for extruded profiles no matter how complex, however tooling costs are normally charged to the customer.

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