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Custom PTFE Sintering Furnace Product Description: PTFE Industrial Nitrogen Sintering Furnace.Capable of paperless recording and group-unrestricted programming. Its sintering records can last one year. The multiple sintering furnaces can be operated at the same time and the remote control is available. PTFE Sintering Furnace Features: Sunkoo sintering Furnace deliver tight temperature control and temperature uniformity throughout the heated chamber providing an efficient and consistent sintering process from cycle to cycle. These ovens are commonly used in applications requiring a material to be formed without melting, such as: sintering a PTFE molded rods, sheets tubes etc.

ü  It is mainly used to definite form under designated temperature after sintering completion of PTFE products, Technological requirements are not subject to limitations.

ü  Special pipelines are installed at the air outlet to vent waste air along preinstalled pipelines without polluting workshop and environment.

ü  The configuration of energy-saving heating components has characteristics of fast heating, electricity-saving and long application life.

ü  By adopting hot air circulating principle, high rotating speed multi blade circular blower can diffuse hot air evenly with high wind rate.

ü   Hearth liner and turn plate are made of stainless steel material with steady rotation, stable forming and high rate of finished products.

PTFE sintering furnace Specifications 1、coating sintering furnace;2、steel-made furnace;3、anycurve, aircycling furnace; 4、program-controlled; 5、ISO9001 certificate; Features of RFX Series as follows: 1.Single segment: There are only two mode of start-up heating and stop. The temperature inside the furnace can rise from normal state to designated state. 2.Multi-segment: 30 segments of different time and temperature can be programmed. The furnace can operate according to the temperature and time that have been set after being started up. 3.Multi-unit:16 segments of different time and temperature can be programmed. It is invoked according to designated products, The furnace can operate according to the temperature and time that have been set after being started up. 4.Proportion: Within effective output range, its actual heating output can change in series to keep even temperature inside the furnace. 5.Integration: Instrument and heating apparatus are controlled by high-low pressure electrical isolation of modern electronic technology to ensure the safe operation of apparatus and equipment. 6.Automation: Circular blower and turnplate can stop and operate at the designated temperature. 7.Memory: Each sintering record can be taken down and recorded date can last for 365 days. Data can be copied into computer for reading and archiving by U disk according to specific request. Technical Data:
Chamber Size 150 x 150 x 150 mm (6"x6"x6")
Working Temperature 400°C ( continuous )
Maximum Temperature 500°C
Temperature Control 30 steps programmable and PID automatic control
Heating Rate 0~15°C/min (suggestion: ≤10°C)
Temperature Accuracy +/-1°C
Heating Element Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2)
Working Voltage AC 220V, Single Phase, 60/50 Hz (or according to your requirement)
Max. Power 24 KW
Outside Size 500 x 485 x 700mm
Wooden box size 600 x 585 x 900mm
Net Weight 95 Kg
Gross Weight 120 Kg

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