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Suko produces PTFE Sintering Oven suitable for PTFE products / components sintering and also for heat treating. It offers Sintering Oven in different sizes as per client’s requirement. Our PTFE Sintering Oven are good at temperature uniformity, high degree of automation and stability. SALIENT FEATURES

ü  Internal air circulation for good temperature distribution

ü  Excess temperature cut-off

ü  Control equipment electrically interlocked

ü  Heavy duty construction

ü  Single owing type comprising a door front of heavy gauge steel

ü  Provided air inlet and exhaust system

ü  Provided open type strip heater for required heating load

ü  Composite blanket insulation

ü  Separate control panel board

ü  PLC display is available

Main technical parameter and configuration.


Natural Gas PTFE Oven



Technical Parameters

Size of chamber 2400×8400×2400mm W×L×H
outline dimension Box:3120×8900×2950mm(W×L×H), Not contain top heating chamber and pipeline. Heating chamber:2800*3000*2000 mm(W×L×H) Dimension not including left and right motor and bearing box.
Power supply 3p~480v  60Hz
Natural Gas Pressure 5~7KPa
The Max of Gas Consumption ≤70m³/h
Natural Gas Calorific value 8000~85000Kcal/m³
Operating Temperature range Room Temperature ~420℃(Temperature can be arbitrary adjustable accordingly)
Way of Heating Natural Gas Heating directly
Burner Six hundred thousand(kilocalorie) imported natural gas burner (proportional control)
Circulating Draught Fan 5.5# Draught fan,wind 14000m³/h,power 7.5KW,Constant temperature centrifugal fan 2 units Draught, wind, Two power Constant temperature centrifugal fan
Temperature Control Mode Intelligent program regulating instrument(with PID),50 program, with J type thermocouple, with over-temperature alarm instrument, it can be automatically cut off burner power supply as the equipment beyond temperature due to some reason.
Temperature fluctuation ≤±3℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±5℃
 Furnace System Structure
Box Separated Structure, Box and Heating Chamber are assembled at site.
Door Type Front Double Open Manually, Adjust Structure by Horn Handle
Outer Shell Sheet metal Q235 δ1.8, Spraying Acrylic acid Air-dry paint on surface after antirust process
Chamber material SUS304  1.2~1.5㎜
Framework of Chamber SUS304
Thermal Insulation Material Superior Quality Aluminum Silicate Cotton Heat Preservation at the Bottom 120mm Each part of the other insulation thickness no less than 200mm

Air recycle System

Air cycle type Using two low-noise centrifugal fan, the heating room hot air were blown into the left and right side of the duct, the air flow from the bottom of the box after the two sides into the studio, and the workpiece in the studio after the heat exchange, into the upper part of the duct. Then returned to the heating chamber. So repeatedly cycle to make the temperature of the studio gradually increased. The structure of the device and the principle of hot air circulation to ensure that the temperature uniformity of the various areas of the oven, excluding the low temperature dead and blind.
Blower Motor Using heat-resistant insert type centrifugal fan

The Part of Burner Chamber

Burner Position Set on the top of the box, Behind the Heating Chamber located in burner, circulating fan on both sides
Cabinet Material Chamber material SUS304
Thermal Insulation Material Superior quality Aluminum Silicate Cotton with 220mm.
  Control System
Distribution panel Separate Control Cabinet ,set in a nearby place accordingly
Thermometer Yudian AI719A Intelligent Application Apparatus,19 steps with 19 programs, control of the burner, with J type thermal resistance temperature sensing element
Over-temperature alarm AI518A Intelligent Temperature Control Instrument, with J type thermal resistance temperature sensing element
Draught Fan Control Frequency Control
Auxiliary Function& System Protection Configuration

1.Electrical short circuit protection and over current protection, to prevent motor burn and separated.

2.Electrical and heating burner interlocks, that is to say heating after air blast.

3.Control line protection, to prevent short circuit, causing the accident.

4.Air Switch, to prevent the main return circuit overload with short circuit, causing accident.

5.Without electricity for subsequent power to prevent, Prevent continued to increase baking time caused damage to bake.

6.According National electrical industry standard for electrical components, circuit protection.
Protection of Burner

1、            Gas under-voltage protection.

2、            Air pressure switch protection.

3、            Gas leakage protection, with gas leak alarm.

4、Before the burner ignition advance purging ,Heating chamber can be residual gas emptying. 4、Ignition failure alarm. 5、After combustion flame abnormal alarm.

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