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Since PTFE will not flow above its melting point, it cannot be injection molded and requires special processing techniques. Molded PTFE is processed by first compression molding the powder into preforms, and then sintering the preforms in a process analogous to sintered metal processing. This process creates geometric shapes that can then be machined, fused, and/or welded. Product Description for Automatic Molding: Automatic molding, a semi-automated form of compression molding, is the process Suko uses for the manufacture of medium-volume to large-volume net molded and near net molded PTFE components. The automatic molding process requires dedicated tooling, typically requires minimal operator intervention and plastic parts can be fabricated relatively rapidly. With the use of precise tooling and processing, parts manufactured using the automatic molding process can be produced to relatively close tolerances, but not to the accuracy of a fully machined part. Components are economically molded by utilizing a process of automated filling of the die cavity, applying pressure, and part ejection. Other advantages of the Automatic molding process include: ·         Little or no scrap material as compared to the "typical" PTFE machining process from stock shapes (rod or tube) ·         Lower part cost, with minimal or sometimes no machining steps required ·         Components that are molded and sintered into final forms and shapes have reduced stress defects compared to machined parts (from cutting, milling, etc.)   Product Description for Compression Molding: Sunkoo offers compression molding of PTFE for the manufacturing of material shapes for production of your custom plastic component. Compression molding is a molding method where the resin powder is subjected to substantial straight line forces in a closed die set to create solid rod or tubular shapes. The Sunkoo  molding department has the capability to produce compression molded PTFE rod and tube stock to meet and exceed your exact specifications and tolerances. Sunkoo  has over 1,000 mold sizes to manufacture stock shapes from 1” OD to 26” OD in Virgin PTFE, as well as all industry standard and custom blended materials. One of the benefits of compression molded rod or tube is the relatively low cost of this method. It typically does not require special tooling beyond what Sunkoo  already possesses. With an extensive array of in-house equipment, Sunkoo  is your one-stop source to handle all aspects of your compression molding component requirements. Call the specialists at Sunkoo  for immediate assistance. The knowledgeable Sunkoo staff can work with you from initial concept, through to design, production and finish. With our expertise in a wide range of plastic materials, Sunkoo can recommend the best plastic resins, plastic compounds and fillers to maximize performance and be cost-effective in your specific application. Contact the Sunkoo staff and see if automatic molding is suitable and economical for your application.
Model no Cylinder DIA Structure Motor Power
5T 200*200 Φ70 upward pressing 1.1 KW
10T 200*200 Φ100 upward or downward pressing 1.5 KW
20T 250*250 Φ140 upward or downward pressing 1.5 KW
30T 300*300 Φ160 upward or downward pressing 0.75 KW + 1.1 KW
60T 350*350 Φ220 upward or downward pressing 1.1 KW + 1.5 KW
100T 420*420 Φ280 upward or downward pressing 1.5 KW + 1.5 KW
150T 520*520 Φ320 upward or downward pressing 1.5 KW + 2.2 KW
200T 560*560 Φ360 upward or downward pressing 2.2 KW + 2.2 KW
300T 600*600 Φ420 upward or downward pressing 2.2 KW + 2.2 KW
400T 800*800 Φ500 upward or downward pressing 2.2 KW + 3 KW
500T 1000*1000 Φ560 upward or downward pressing 2.2 KW + 5.5 KW
800T 1200*1200 Φ750 upward or downward pressing 3 KW + 5.5 KW
1000T 1500*1500 Φ800 upward or downward pressing 4 KW + 5.5 KW
1200T 1600*1600 Φ900 upward or downward pressing 4.5 KW + 5.5KW
1500T 1800*1800 Φ1000 upward or downward pressing 4.5 KW + 5.5 KW
2000T 2000*2000 Φ1100 upward or downward pressing 4 KW + 11 KW
2500T 1500*1500 Φ1250 upward or downward pressing 5.5 KW + 11 KW
3500T 2400*2600 Φ1500 upward or downward pressing 5.5 KW + 15 KW
5000T 2500*2800 Φ900*4 upward or downward pressing 7 KW + 22.5 KW

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